Below is a list of airsoft retailers for RIFs and also gear. Being listed here means that a member has had a good experience using them however always be careful when buying online and use Paypal payment methods where possible for that extra level of buyer protection (debit card charge backs are a pain in the ass). If a site is not listed here, it does not necessarily mean they are bad, but a member may not have used them or mentioned using them.

All of these retailers are known to ship to the Island without needing a UKARA (which is not applicable to the Island, as much as any retail might require). Some retailers for their own store policy may require you to prove you are over 18 however. Make sure you shop around as shipping rates can be wildly different between retailers.

If you are purchasing from an company based outside of the UK, make sure that you add 20% to the value of your order, including the shipping cost. Whilst you may not always get your package checked by customs, if you factor this cost in, you won’t get any unexpected customs invoices. Some EU based retailers may also only ship to the Island where the order is over £135 or may have stopped shipping. Please also be aware that your package may be held by Customs and Excise for testing by the Police to test the FPS.

Rule of thumb, if it has got the name BB or BBgun in the website address, its probably a crap company who is not worth you time. On top of that, if you are ever tempted to buy from Special Airsoft Supplies, just go to cash machine, withdraw whatever you were going to spend with them, and set fire to it, because you’ve more chance of getting your money back from the ashes than your order or money from them.

RIF Retailers (UK):
Fire Support:
Land Warrior Airsoft:
Airsoft World:
Airsoft Zone:
CAGE Airsoft:
Zero One Airsoft:
Patrol Base:
JD Airsoft:

RIF Retailers (International)
Echigoya: (Japan)
Impulse101: (Japan)
Red Wolf Airsoft: (Hong Kong)
WGC Shop: (Hong Kong)
Rainbow8: (Hong Kong)
JK Army: (Hong Kong)
Gunfire: (Poland)
Taiwan Gun: (Poland)
Empirion Store: (Italy)
Evike: (USA) – Shipping can sometimes take a week or two.

Gear Retailers:
Many of the retailers listed above stock gear as well as guns, but the ones below are specific gear retailers.

Tactical Kit: (UK) – All genuine gear, with all the real steel brands. When purchasing from here, make sure to pick England as your address (you may need to create a Paypal delivery address matching this) to ensure you don’t get EU shipping costs. Issue is with automated shipping quotes on the website.
UK Tactical: (UK)
Military First: (UK)
Flecktarn: (UK)
Weapon 762: UK/EU store, selling TMC kit (highly regarded).
EBairsoft: (Hong Kong) – Very good if items are in stock, can be long delays on items if they are not. Try to use Weapon 762 first, who are their EU store.
SKD Tactical: (USA)
Op Tactical: (USA)