Airsoft is a military style war game, which has similarities to paintball, but with some key differences. The two biggest differences are that the equipment that we use is more realistic, with most of the guns being modelled on real firearms used by many militaries around the world. The second difference is that rather than firing paintballs, which burst and leave a paint mark on the player, airsoft replicas fire 6mm BBs, which is why the game requires a high level of honesty from players.

The games themselves can vary from basic team death match or capture flag through to more complicated, more objective games involving coordination between all the players on a team to achieve them. We have various props and vehicles to enhance the games that we undertake and help provide that military operation feel. The videos below are all from Manx Airsoft Club players and should hopefully give you some idea of what the games are all about.

If these videos have got you interested, feel free to drop us message on our Facebook page or join our community group and ask as many questions are you need.