Age Limits

  • Over 18: Sign disclaimer upon first visit, otherwise no restrictions (it is recommended that you bring ID if you are close to 18, or look 18 to prevent any issues).
  • 16 & 17 year olds: Must have disclaimer signed by a parent/guardian, otherwise no restrictions.
  • 12-15 year olds: Must be accompanied on site (in the game zone) by a parent or a guardian over the age of 18, and a parent/guardian must sign a disclaimer on behalf of that person.

Safety rules

  • Ballistic rated eye protection must be worn at all times whilst within the game zone and must never be removed for any reason.  If you have a problem with your eye protection, you should return to the dedicated safe zone prior to removing them. If your eye protection becomes dislodge for any reason, call an immediate ceasefire, put your eye protection back on and contact a marshal to restart the game.
  • Under 16’s are required to wear full face protection, and the Manx Airsoft Club recommends that all players should wear full face protection and anyone choosing to use less does so at their own risk.
  • Any players unsure about the quality of their eye protection should speak with a marshal prior to the start of the game, who will advise on the suitability of your eye protection and if deemed unsuitable will provide some from the club equipment.
  • All players are required to attend a safety briefing prior to entering the game zone.
  • The boundaries of the site will be detailed to all players during the safety briefing at the beginning of the day and players should not violate these boundaries. Any intentional violation of the site boundaries may result in a players exclusion from the day, without a refund. These ares areas are off limits given the potential hazard they present.
  • Whilst the site is private land, there is the potential for members of the public to access the site, and if this should happen, players should immediately call ceasefire and call for a marshal who will escort them from the site before recommencing the game.
  • Any players with existing medical conditions should speak privately with a marshal prior to the game beginning and should have any medicine they may require carried on their person throughout the day.
  • If a player becomes ill or injured during the course of a game, the player concerned, if possible, or another player, should call for a ceasefire and call for a marshal to attend to the person.
  • Around the site are various structures and bunkers, players are not to climb on top of any of these structures.
  • No unapproved pyrotechnics should be used on site. Only pyrotechnics purchased from the club, or approved for use by a marshal can be used on site.
  • Vehicles may be used throughout the day which will only operate on established paths around the site, moving at 5mph. Players should not put themselves in front of a moving vehicle or throw pyrotechnics at the vehicles.
  • The use of TAG or TagInn rounds and launchers is strictly limited to committee use as marshals. Special events may permit their use under strict Marshal supervision to be advised at the time.
  • Drone Aircraft and their use is strictly limited to committee use. Special events may permit their use under strict Marshal supervision to be advised at the time.

Site FPS limits

  • Any rifle capable of fully automatic fire: 350 FPS with a 0.2g BB (or 1.13 joules using a heavier BB)
  • Any rifle firing over 1.13 joules, whether that is a semi-automatic rifles or bolt action: 500FPS with a 0.2g BB (or 2.31 joules using a heavier BB), with a minimum engagement range of 25 metres. Any semi-auto rifle must be mechanically and/or electronically locked to semi-auto. All rifles in this category must observe a 2 second delay between firing a round. Must also have a sidearm under 350FPS.
  • Players using a rifle firing over 350FPS/1.13 joules must declare this rifle when signing in.

All non-club equipment must be tested prior to be using in the game zone. Any gun found to be in excess of the limits above will not be allowed for use on the day. Anyone found to be intentionally cheating the FPS limits will be excluded from the day and depending upon the infraction maybe banned.

Game rules

  • Getting hit: A BB strike anywhere on your person, or any equipment (excluding the gun you are using) is counted as a hit (regardless of whether it came from an opponent, a team mate or yourself, excluding ricochets). Once hit, you should shout ‘HIT!’ clearly and loudly and raise your hand in the air to ensure that all players are aware. Once you have been hit, you must not talk to your team, except to shout ‘Medic’ and your team colour (explained below) – Dead men do not talk. If you believe a player is not taking their hits, report them to a marshal and they will monitor the situation. If you are found not be taking your hits, you will receive a warning, and continued breaking of this rule may result in suspension from the game.
  • Medic rule: If you have been hit, you may shout ‘Medic’ and your team colour. A team mate, if they can get to you, should tag you and escort you backwards 5 meters (this is optional but highly advisable). At which point the individual being the medic will change your team armband from one arm to the other. If you are hit again you and your team mate must retreat a further 5 meters and begin the process again. If your team mate who is ‘medic’ing’ you is hit, you are both hit and must wait for another team member to find you. You may only medic one person at a time.
  • Headshots: Allowed, however they should be avoided unless this is the only target your opponent presents. Single shot should be used. If the only target you present to the enemy is your head, expect it to get shot at.
  • Surrender rules: If you are within 5 metres of an opponent, with a clear line of fire, you may offer a surrender to your opponent. They do NOT have to take this and are within their rights to attempt to eliminate you. At this range, a single shot to a well protected area is acceptable should they ignore the surrender.
  • Bleed out rule: If you have been hit for 3 minutes and a team mate has been unable to reach you, you are said to have ‘bled out’. If this situation occurs, you should find the nearest alive team member, tap them on the shoulder, and you may rejoin the game.
  • Grenades: If a pyrotechnic or simulation grenade goes off within 5 metres of you, and you are not behind hard cover (walls, mounds of earth, trees etc) you are consider hit, and should follow the hit rules. Bushes and other foliage is NOT considered hard cover. Any pyrotechnics used on site should be produced by a reputable manufacturer (Enola Gaye, TLSFx etc) or be a recognised simulation device (Dynatec, VTG, Ohsi’Boom, TMR). Home made pyrotechnics are NOT allowed on site, and no pyrotechnic should be larger in size than a Mk5. Smoke grenades in red or orange are not permitted for use on our site due to its proximity to the sea and under no conditions should any grenade by thrown towards a vehicle.
  • Ammo limits: 
  • Rifleman: 1000 rounds
  • Support Gunner: 2000 rounds.
  • To qualify for the support gunner ammo limits, a recognised support gun must be used – strapping a box mag to an M4 does not qualify.
  • Certain weapon systems may not clearly conform to the above specifications (e.g. AA12 Automatic Shotgun) and as such should be discussed with a staff member before use. We want all players to be able to use their desired equipment however for safety and game continuity restrictions may be necessary.

Depending on particular scenarios or game types that are used, some of the above rules may change. If this is the case, these will be explained prior to the game.