Welcome to the Manx Airsoft Club’s website, the Isle of Man’s premier airsoft attraction. Here you will find details about where to find us, what airsoft is all about, our prices and our rules.

The Manx Airsoft Club has been running since 2000, and has been operating at our current venue in Jurby since 2005, and is open to any and all that wish to try out airsoft.

We host regular open games, every two weeks on Sunday, typically from 11am until 4/5pm depending upon the time of year.

You can find the next available open game here or on our Facebook page. If you require hire equipment, it is best to drop us a message prior to the day so that we can make sure we have your needs catered for.

We are not currently available for private hire events however we can accommodate large groups on our regular game days.

If you have any enquires, please message us via our Facebook page or email us.